Friday, 30 December 2011

The End

Well here is the last post. I took these at the summer but knew I should end the envelope on these two sticker placements.
I got very excited whilst going to a meeting and seeing these fileing cabinets in the office, I had some stickers on me and asked if I could add some, I decided on these two. It obviously had to be Zoltron and Sticker Robot. We had a bit of a geek out about stickers whilst the other people were waiting for the meeting to start, they were obviously confused. Then the old fridge door appeared, you can see it in the second picture, I didn't get a front on picture of it I am afraid.
I realised afterwards that I blatantly put Zoltron over 4 stickers as I got very over excited. I'm a bit gutted about that.

Thank you for looking, I shall add to this blog when I get the balls to get my own Sticker Robot stickers made, in the meantime go get your own made here.
Nightnight :D x

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